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Shatter Remastered

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Into the Dead 2 for Nintendo Switch

Dungeon, Inc.

Game Jam Submissions

Make It Start - Global Game Jam 2024

Uldun Yue - Game Jam Aotearoa 2023

ROOTBEET BOWL - Global Game Jam 2023

to.get.her bot - Kiwi Jam 2022

Dr. Acula - Global Game Jam 2022

RanDash - Kiwi Jam 2021

Synthrave - Kiwi Jam 2020

Re-Pear It Peary - Global Game Jam 2020

Gold Prospector - PxlJam 2019 (unpublished)

Train Reaction - Kiwi Jam 2019

The Game I Made In An Evening - notGDCJam 2019

Dungeon Hoarder - Global Game Jam 2019

TraVertex - PxlJam 2018

Rubber Chicken Synergy - Kiwi Jam 2018 (unpublished)

Group Soup - Open Jam 2018

Planet Explorer - Global Game Jam 2018

Possessed - PxlJam 2017

Night Keeper - Kiwi Jam 2017

Wave Defence - Global Game Jam 2017

It Used To Come With Avocado - PxlJam 2016

Roconga - Kiwi Jam 2016

Other Programs


GFXtract is a program that allows conversion and extraction of various image formats using scripts that describe the format. It was inspired by QuickBMS, designed to be a similar program but specialized for images rather than archives. I have plans to make it much more robust and feature rich in the future.

Latest download
Source code on GitHub


GMExtract is an extraction program for files generated by Game Maker Studio games. Currently it simply extracts all the sprites, with the animations and frames organised. Future plans include extraction of other types of data, and a more usable GUI.

Latest download
Source code on GitHub

GMS Explorer

Basically a better GMExtract. Will allow you to view, extract, and replace assets in the files generated by Game Maker Studio games. Currently still in development, not ready for release.

Source code on GitHub


AGSExtract is similar to GMExtract, but extracts resources from the .exe file of games made with Adventure Game Studio. Currently it only supports certain games and I haven’t I gotten to a point where I’ve made a public release.

Source code on GitHub


VGSC (Video Game Sound Converter) is basically a usability wrapper for the brilliant vgmstream. Currently it simply makes batch processing easier and features dialogue boxes. I intend to eventually add a more complete GUI.

Latest download
Source code on GitHub


A collection of miscellaneous small tools and programs for various niche purposes, usually game ripping. These were often made in a day or two, so there’s not much documentation on them and they’re mostly here for archival purposes. Most have source code on the GitHub repo (some older ones don’t), and one or two I haven’t made public binaries for but have code on the repo.

Download binaries
Source code (for most of them) on GitHub

A few other programs that have their own repositories but should really belong to MiscTools:

DFSpriteExtr (GitHub) AVFExt (Download) (GitHub)